Global Conference for Sustainable Beef

Setting the Table for Dialogue

November 1st (half day)

    • Welcome by Bryan Weech, WWF and Bob Langert, McDonald’s. Welcome video
    • “Why Sustainability?” the value proposition for the beef industry by Jason Clay, WWF and John Carter, Alianca da Terra. “Why Sustainability” video
    • An Overview of Global Beef System, presented by Jerry O’Callaghan, JBS
      Bryan Dierlam, Cargill. Overview of Beef System video
    • Regional Variations Panel / Audience Q & A for:


Steve Homer, Bios Partners (Meatco) Video


Victor Tonelli, Argentinean Producer Video


Greg Brown, President Cattle Council of Australia and Justin MacDonnell, Councillor, Cattle Council of Australia Video


Ricardo Arioli Silva, ACRIMAT and Fernando Sampiano, ABIEC Video


Duncan Pollar, EBLEX Video

United States:

Steve Foglesong, NCBA and Bill Donald, NCBA Video


Erin Daley, US Meat Export Federation Video

Deliberation on Key Beef Industry Issues

November 2nd

  • Introducing the Triple Bottom Line Approach to joint Dialogue by Matt Sutton-Vermeulen, Unison Resource. Video
  • Key Issue Breakout Groups. Video
  • Florida Ranchlands Environmental Services Project by Sarah Lynch, WWF, Jimmy Wohl, Rafter T Ranch, and Jim Handley, Florida Cattlemen’s Association. Video
  • California Rangeland Conservation Coalition by Tracy Schohr, California Rangeland Conservation Coalition, Tim Koopman, Koopman Ranch, and Pelayo Alvarez, Defenders of Wildlife. Video

Exploring the Way Forward

November 3rd (Half Day)

  • A Regional Approach: Brasilian Sustainable Beef Working Group by Ocimar de Camargo Villela, President, Brazilian Sustainable Beef Working Group. Video
  • The Australian Approach by Guy Fitzhardinge, Cooperative Research Centre for Beef Genetics and Nick Heath, WWF Australia. Video
  • The Global Commodity Dialogues Roundtable on Responsible Soy by Cassio Moreira, WWF Brasil. Video

Optional Beef Industry Tour

November 4th (Optional)

  • Interested participants experienced the U.S. beef industry end-to-end.